Ministry's Seal

Founded in 29 ABY  the Ministry of Antiquities serves as a repository for artifacts found within the borders of The ERA.

It is currently based from The Reliquary on Almania and headed by Celan Netryan.

Past and current expeditionsEdit

Korriban: ActiveEdit

Valley of The Dark Lords:                                    

  • Joint Jedi-Ministry mission to dispose of Sith Artifacts
  • Restoration of the abandonded Sith Temple to serve as a museum on the planet.

Droumand Kaas: Planned ExpeditionEdit

Ziost: Planned ExpeditionEdit

Yavin: ActiveEdit

- A small team will begin studying the Temples on Yavin, but will be observed by the Jedi at all times and will not be permitted into certain sections of said temples.

The ReliquaryEdit

Ministry Building
Sitting on the edge of the Mem'Kabarr forest, The Reliquary is the former home of the Netryan family before it was transformed into a house of learning.

With in its walls there are; Two landing decks which can accomidate a typical starfighter or large transport craft. Beyond which is a large reception area leading to the various levels of the building. Three large databanks collectivly called "The Libary" housing records from expeditions, government documents, and a small protion of the information in the New Jedi Archives. Labs dedicated to testing, repairing, and studying artifacts is located just below the Libary, while the vault at the base of the building  stores the various artifacts awaitng study in a temperature controlled enviroment.

The top of the tower is the location of the various offices of teams based out of The Ministry and The Minister's Office.

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