Senate seal

The Great Seal of the Old Republic nows serves as the seal of the ERA Senate.

Constitution of the Eastern Republic AllianceEdit

(Still being drawn up)

Passed Bills of the Eastern Republic AllianceEdit

Ravarian Establishment BillEdit

Authorized the establishment of the Ravarian Drive Yards Corperation's major shipyards at Toola.

(Passed on April 22, 2013)

Ministry of Antiquities BillEdit

Authorized the establishment of the Ministry of Antiquities on Almania to undertake the study and restoration of ancient civilization sites, particularly those belonging to the ancient Sith. The Ministry is overseen by the government to ensure certain sites remain undisturbed and that ancient artifacts of dangerous power or knowledge are dispossed of.

(Passed on April 24, 2013)

Capitol Relocation BillEdit

Allowed the relocation of the capitol from Mon Calamari (Dac) to the planet of Raxus.

(Passed on April 28, 2013)

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